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The mission of Duxbury FACTS is to cultivate a community that supports and advocates for a healthy lifestyle, seeks to reduce alcohol and drug use and fosters mental wellness, primarily among youth and young adults, in an environment that is positive, inclusive and non-judgmental.

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The Duxbury FACTS coalition is made up of adult and teen volunteers providing a multi-pronged approach to address issues impacting youth health and wellness ranging from drug and alcohol prevention and treatment to suicide prevention and mental health promotion.

We are a community resource for mental health and alcohol and substance misuse. Our team works closely with the Duxbury Police Department Crisis Intervention Team, the Duxbury Public Schools, Duxbury Student Union and The Parent Connection to develop effective programs that fulfill our mission. Learn about our community initiatives focused on mental health and alcohol and substance misuse and consider attending our October 4, 2022 committee kick-off meeting to re-energize our efforts post COVID. 


Meet our leadership team and learn how we are working within the community as a resource for mental health and alcohol and substance misuse.


Consult our Calendar for upcoming committee meetings, special events within the community and local support groups.


Visit our resources page for a growing archive of useful mental wellness information, hotlines, and other external links to help support and educate the community.


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