2021 Roadmap to Mental Health in Massachusetts

NAMI Plymouth Area, The MA Dept. of Mental Health, and the Plymouth DMH Site Advisory Board teamed to compile the 2021 “Roadmap Through the Mental Health System” as a resource, written from the perspective of peers and family members, and designed for use individuals and families dealing with the complexities and challenges of navigating the Mental Health system.

What You'll Find Inside:

· Crisis Resources
· About MA DMH
· Child and Adolescent Services
· Finding a Therapist
· Legal Issues: Guardianship
· Commitment
· Importance of Self-Care
· Transgender Youth/Family Support
· Criminal Justice System (Specialty Courts)
· Add’l Resources for Parents and Families
· Resource Guides and Directories
· Veterans Services
· Inpatient Services
· Outpatient Services
· Peer Run Services
· Housing
· Substance Abuse / Co-occurring Disorder
· Hotlines / NAMI Mass Compass
· Programming Activities for Children & Adolescents

“Everyone involved in developing the Roadmap has been touched in a profound way by the onset and presence of mental illness. We have all experienced setbacks, and, perhaps because of them, we have grown and become more resilient advocates for ourselves or for our loved ones. Whether working together to compile this resource, or picking our way through common pitfalls that can endanger mental health, we have found strength, support and efficacy in sharing our stories and our experiences.

Early on, navigating the mental health system can be quite complicated and confusing for you and your family. Keep at it! Ask questions! Join a support group! Advocate for yourself or for your loved one! Recovery from a mental health condition is a highly individualized process involving support, education about mental health conditions, cooperation from the mental health system, treatment, case management, client rights, employment, self-help and wellness. We have included topics we found most essential in our own families’ journeys.”

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