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Duxbury FACTS

Duxbury FACTS is a community coalition of volunteers that includes the public schools, law enforcement, Interfaith Council, government and legislators, the Duxbury Student Union, The Parent Connection, and concerned citizens, parents and teens. A steering committee meets monthly to guide the work of the coalition, plan educational programs, and offer resources that support the mission.

Duxbury FACTS Executive Committee

Sue Bradford, Dr. Catherine Cullen, and Neal Doherty, Anne Ward

Duxbury FACTS Meeting Norms
  • We will be guided by our mission statement.
  • We will follow the agenda and scheduled meeting time and allow for comments and discussion as appropriate.
  • We will welcome and respect input from all participants and not interrupt when someone is speaking.
  • We will refrain from discussing personal situations or airing grievances about any stakeholder, group, or individual. Group business will be discussed in the group; private business will be conducted privately.
  • We will disagree without being disagreeable.
  • We will manage group work and monitor progress and outcomes.
  • We will ask “what’s possible?” and not “what’s wrong?”
  • We will respect every individual’s experience and expertise without judgement and value their commitment to our mission.
  • We will engage each others’ thoughts, ideas, and opinions.
  • We will express ourselves completely and concisely.
  • We will appreciate the sensitive nature of our discussions and refrain from repeating them outside of the meeting.
Committee Goals

Communication and Outreach

  • Promote FACTS events
  • Build awareness of FACTS and issues related to the coalition’s mission
  • Coordinate with regional organizations, institutions, and community groups
  • Maintain online presence
  • Continue to develop and implement social norming campaign
  • Bring in relevant speakers
  • Engage families with younger children
  • Joint events with other FACTS coalitions

Policy and Enforcement

  • Education and outreach around local and state policy initiatives
  • Safe Homes Initiative

Substance Abuse Prevention & Mental Wellbeing

  • Initiatives that promote mental wellbeing and prevent substance abuse
  • Initiatives that empower bystanders (e.g. Good Samaritan Law)
  • Develop initiatives for younger students

Funding & Administration

  • Establish and maintain 501c3 status
  • Write grants to secure funding
Community Representation

The Duxbury FACTS coalition is made up adult and teen volunteers providing a multi-pronged approach to address issues impacting youth health and wellness.

Committee and sub-committee chairs meet regularly to plan and execute programs to increase awareness about mental health issues among youth and adults with a primary focus on reducing stigmas and addressing the pressures to succeed. The success of this effort relies heavily on youth involvement, with a broad spectrum of community engagement from the 12 sectors including:School representatives

  • Law enforcement officials
  • Parents
  • Youth
  • Faith and religious communities
  • Government agencies with expertise in substance abuse
  • Youth serving organizations
  • Civic and volunteer organizations
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Business leaders
  • Media
  • Other organization or individuals involved in reducing substance use.

For more information, or to join Duxbury FACTS, email info@duxburyfacts.org.

Our Mission

The mission of Duxbury FACTS is to cultivate a community that supports and advocates for a healthy lifestyle, seeks to reduce alcohol and drug use and fosters mental wellness, primarily among youth and young adults, in an environment that is positive, inclusive and non-judgmental.

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